Thank you

Another day, but this time I made my maiden voyage to the gym and pumped those muscles for all good of 35 mins. Brad was in the background flexing as he does with a whole lot more weights than what I could ever handle. I’m on a high, and I need to capitalise on these good feelings so I can build up a reserve. Much like the chipmunks who store food in their cheek pouches. Hahaha, … don’t you love cartoons that educate.

I’d like to thank Brett who tirelessly called me and replied to my texting when I was down trodden in the dumps. It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise when someone is suddenly faced with their own mortality, that everythings takes on a new perspective. I like that word, ‘perspective’, not often do I get to use a word with 11 letters, … twice!

I’ve been off the turps for around 11 months, except for 3 times when I fell thirsty and water was scarce. Two Saturday’s ago I was lured to the local Inn by the Hornsby Rugby Team, that was a night to remember!!!! I even got cosy with a hooker, here’s the picture to prove it.

The first two times were when things just hit rock bottom after a great deal of disappointment. Almost everything looks different now after my last result, nothing needs to make sense.

Just thought of an interesting book title, ‘Crab-like Hobby Dream’ … love, sex, and happy forever after. Is this what they call ‘intuition’?

Great News

Unbelievable results today everyone, the cancer count has dropped. Yessiree, the numbers are on my side finally, this is the second drop, the pomegranate juice works, all that up, down, up, down, up, down on the dumb bell lifty thingy works, the meds probably contributed, the sleeping pills are useless, and having awesome friends definitely works.

My mate Pete not only furnished me with accurate and detailed information about the songs Prince sang during his Australian tour, but he also left me a good book titled, “The Secret Language of your Body”. The book contained 230 pages of words that even my bi-focals struggled with, … and I’m not sure what drove Pete to even imagine I could cope with that, … and so I thumbed through to the pages that connected most with me, and I read those 6 pages over and over and over again.

I was even more ecstatic when the doctor said, see you in 6 months time. This was my verbal assurance from the grand wizard (who also wore the coolest watch) that although Sydney had been issued with a severe weather warning tonight with the State Emergency Services on high alert, I can sleep well tonight and for the next 182.5 nights likewise.

Those wild winds can blow the roof off my house, I’m still going to cuddle warmly under my blanket, content that everything can get better.

I have been issued with a free Get Out of Jail card, and I’m bashing this one down on the monopoly table hard for impact. If the table breaks, who cares. I’m going back to the gym tomorrow to work on my pecs, eat bananas and drink gallons of protein shakes. I’m going to dream tonight about conquering Mount Everest, and if I forget my oxygen equipment, who cares!

Adios Chichitos.

The little things

Yup, that’s a picture of the pristine waters at Hawaii, and also a great view of my perspective on life. While everyone was splashing around in the water, I was taking a keen interest on the small things.

The little fish were almost see through, and if you stared long enough, you would see a colony of them, or is that a school of them. Interesting that the people who collected words for the first English dictionary associated groups of fish with the house of learning and academics. Don’t they only have a 3 second memory? And how the hang did someone find that out?

I just love the way the Japanese come up with clever brain games, I like Sudoku a lot. I read somewhere that you need to exercise the brain with mathematical and IQ type games to minimise the incidence of memory loss. I’ve reduced my sleeping tablet intake to minimise my troubling memory loss, this has been worrying. Im also doing Sudoku puzzles, to kick start the neurons. Once this works, I’ll look for my keys again.

Tomorrows’ a big day, I find out the next set of lotto numbers that determine whether life has been sweet. I had a shave tonight so that the oncologist would think I’m half decent, and I’ve laid out my clothes similarly to someone attending a job interview. I hope I pass!

Good night sweetos almatomichios. More evidence I should have been in the printing industry when the dictionary was being put together.