Live each day as it comes …

Just recently I was thrown a piece of verbal wisdom, being told to live each day as it comes. I sort of recall being offered another gem, saying to live each day as if it were my last.

You ought to see my very very old cat, the poor thing is mostly blind, mostly deaf, and mostly old. I think she should live each day as if it were her last.

As for me, I would actually like to live my life in alignment with this adage, ‘live each 5 (or 10) year period as it comes’. I love planning, I love to look forward to some grand goal, and I certainly don’t want to live today as if it were my last because in all honesty, I would probably be shagging some harem of buxom women who know nothing more than to pleasure me, every day that I thought was my last.

By the way, if you find this harem on ebay please bid for me by proxy. Maximum bid in the millions. I have lots of last days to celebrate!

Last week I celebrated my 50th year on this planet, and I did it in style. So much in fact, that I do not recall much of what I did. Alcohol sales blipped a tiny minuscule percentage in Sydney, I probably insulted whoever, and most likely stared at someone way too long, and said the most inappropriate things, but hey, … I think I had fun.

No matter what we do in these crazy moments however, we should always maintain a sharp focus on those who matter most.

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