Gave Brad my credit card to go and buy another PS3 controller, next thing I know, there’s a Tekken game encased in a fancy tin case come as part of the purchase, … not the traditional plastic cover, but flashing lights, sirens, and christmas lights.

“Boys are Gods punishment for having sex”

The threat

I have been living under the threat of death for the past 3 years, and last year was probably my most challenging. There are days now where I cruise through the aisles at Woolworth’s and suddenly feel a panic attack, where I start to palpitate and sweat. I’ve learnt to stop, focus on any item on the shelf and start to count slowly. This surprisingly is quite effective and I rarely reach 15 before I start to normalise, I’m sure one day in the future they will have a name for this disorder and assign it to an excess of Internet and Radio wave thingy’s that zap through our space to reach our treasured iPhones.

There was a time that even doctors endorsed smoking, because it was cool. Science will catch up one day and we will all have some cause for a class action against these technological advances … Bring back the horse and buggy! The methane gas from horse poo was insignificant and barely scraped the ozone levels. In fact, it created a job opportunity for horse poo scrapers.

I’m a Survivor … and I’ve never been on that popular Survivor series, but I’ve driven up every day to the local Westfield mall, grabbed a ticket from the car-park vending robot, and tried to cheat that little monkey arm swinging cricket bat.

Brad and I have a competition, where we try to rip out the car-park ticket and try to get as much of the next ticket on the roller. Up until 30 minutes ago, I was a clear winner, but Brad has snapped at least half of the next ticket along with his own ticket.

: (

So cool when when your son brings home 3 gorgeous chicks!



So cool to have friends, problem is I don’t have many. I’ve invested so much time over the years working and dutifully returning home each and every day. My line of work is not physically taxing, but it can be stressful and so I learnt early in the piece that a beer in the hand is worth two in the fridge … like Homer Simpson, ‘cept I have more hair.

Friends, like really good one’s, are like receivers. You transmit information and they process it. Problem is, I’ve noticed is that, some people take advantage of this and use it to spin their yarn with full poetic license, and the ‘friend’ fulfils their obligation to believe everything told to them.

There’s two sides to almost every story and, it takes two to tango. Tango by the way is not as cool as Samba or the Salsa. Incidentally, it takes two to Samba or Salsa as well but the negative connotation only applies to Tango.

My children are my bestest friends, however I don’t weave any tall stories with them, unless it’s about the fish I caught, that was this ‘bbbbbbbbiggggggg’ or the fierce dragon I wrestled to submission.

Oh well, got to get up soon for work, ground hog day.