Damn you, damn you all

Just watched Planet of the Apes on Channel ONE. The blog title is the last line of script voiced by Charlton Heston as he dropped to his knees onto the sand, with the voiceless hot, hot, super hot chick behind him, … realising that the Statue of Liberty was evidence that he had returned to earth.

Love that movie … it will never age!

Incidentally, The Planet of the Apes was mentioned in my very first blog entry on March 20, 2012. Click here to be beamed over to my 1st blog entry. I posted the map to the forbidden zone, so only hard core ape movie buffs would have twigged onto this tease.

Life-Of-Pi-PosterYou know what’s better than the movie ‘Life of PI’? Oh yeeeaaaah, … watching the movie in 3D, no kidding! I’ve always been guilty of 3D racism, giving this visual foreplay a generous dose of poo-poo-ing. The cardboard frames hugging the green and reddish plastic tints … Oh gawd, it was painful. I could have sued the movie makers for making my eyes scream of 3D overdose, with almost everything jumping, leaping, and exploding within inches of my reachable visual depth.

But now, or at least the theatre I went to, we received a pretty sleek pair of glasses that looked like from arms length to be emitting pulsating light bursts within the lens. They had those small watch batteries in the frame that gave me confidence that these were ultra techno cool gadgets.

Ummm, better get my eye balls checked … could be another cause for cancer in the eye?

Loved the movie and for those who have seen it, I believed the tiger story! 10 outta 10. Amen, Amin, Hari Om and ‘so mote it be’.

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