Quick Recap on the Diet

Cancer DietHere’s the short version of what I was attempting to communicate in my last post. Remember, this was MY diet:

BREAKFAST most of the time.
o Boiled eggs.
o Nuts like cashews, almonds and dried banana chips, eaten straight out of each bag either individually or together. This is washed down with a smoothie, that I make with either milk or water, a handful of frozen fruits, a raw egg, a banana, squeeze of honey, a scoop of protein powder or something like Sustagen, a teaspoon of chia seeds, and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

REST OF THE DAY, including snacks, lunch and dinner.
o Eat plenty of fruit
– Make sure your choice of fruits includes a mixture of different colours, EVERYDAY.
– Eat a higher proportion of blueberries and blackberries, than the other fruits.
o Drink pure 100% Promegranate Juice.
o Drink water.
o Eat vegetables, include these colours daily, red, yellow, orange, green and purple.
– cans of whole baby beet roots are my favourite,
– cans of whole kernel corn was another favourite, no cooking involved, just scoop a spoonful regularly when you can during the day.
o Eat plenty of steamed fish, which is so easy with a steamer. Took me the best of 8 mins to steam a raw fillet of fish, and you can flavour it as you please with herbs, or just consume el naturale.
o a rice cooker is also a handy piece of apparatus for steamed rice.

Don’t forget to exercise within the range of moderate to hard core.

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