Oooh I see … OCD

tall-poppy-syndromeI have been told that I have a mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour. Frankly I think it’s nothing more than the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome where untidy people are jealous of us tidy people.

The untidy people just happen to be smarter in that they got in first with the name calling, so now we are “OCD”. And, they are, … well … ‘normal’.

I was hanging the washing out yesterday. While doing so, I could hear the Robot Vacuum Cleaner operating inside the house. I guess this was an OCD orgasmic experience, two jobs being down at the same time. The clothes were hung precisely to maximise drying and to minimise peg wrinkles, and I had a worker untethered by the shackles of computer games, actually doing housework.