444 Update

Ok, I’ve posted this topic once before, but I am compelled to revisit it because those numbers are visually dominating my peripheral space. Ton’s of examples and the latest includes flicking the overhead car stats display, and it showed that I had 444 kilometres of travel remaining before I would run out of fuel.

Later in the day, I check the progress of a hard drive defragmentation (yeah, yeah, … what a geek), … and it was 44 GB’s done, representing 4% completed.

And countless examples of looking at the clock anywhere on the Southern hemisphere (1st rock closer to the sun away from 4th rock), or receiving messages at 4:44. Although I think I mentioned this before, I’m certain that my ‘body clock alertness gene’ has been trained now to magnetically seek the time 4:44 everyday. I’m sure I have the 4:44 genetic strain in my DNA. I hope that’s cool, and if it is, my future seedlings will thank me for passing this trait onto them. Explains a lot of things, … a lot of things in this context.

In the year 444, the wheelbarrow invented by a Chinese artisan will gain worldwide use as a labor-saving device.

444Looks like a movie night tonight, need to go buy or rent “4:44 Last Day on Earth”, stars Willem Dafoe. Anyone else regularly see the numbers 444?

Here’s the earlier related post on 444.

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun, it has 4 letters and a Mars day is 40 minutes longer than an Earth day. The Roman God Mars is the God of Wars, W is an M upside-down. Mars rules the sign of Aries, which is represented by a Ram. Rams is Mars back-ways. So cool having time on my hand to look things up.

Did someone just mumble, ‘nerd’ …. ???

Mental as …

20130405-224403.jpgWell folks, here’s the image of a potential cocktail of death lollies which in a momentary lapse of judgement or sanity could be extremely dangerous.

‘Stilnox’ was suspected as the possible cause of death for our infamous thespian joker, Heath Ledger. I liked Heath a lot, such a sudden and early loss to the Australian Acting Industry and to his family.

Oh, and guess what? I have a packet of these candies in my medicine cabinet. I can take these at my leisure to assist with my troubling insomnia. Meanwhile, I tether and try to cope with my depression, I have to muster the strength not to self diagnose with too much Stilnox, which can be tempting during my dark moments.

Go figure? I take Zoloft for the depression, and if that doesn’t work, I can chew my troubles away with Stilnox. I have decided to stop taking Stilnox as I completely lost one day this week. Ziltch, zero, nothing … I have no memory nor recollection from Tuesday noon till Wednesday night.

Funny thing is that I experienced what they refer to as a side effect to the drug … ‘sleep walking’ … and of all places I gravitated to the local train station, watched trains, and somehow ended back home after 10pm on Tuesday. Brad offered me this insight the next day because he said I explained how I went bush walking and eventually sat down to keep watch on the timetable. I can’t remember a damn thing, except the trains, and I thought it was a dream. Everything else is a total blank. I actually woke up in a daze on Wednesday, believing it was still Tuesday. Gotta laugh, … yup, gotta laugh, now.

Not sure how I navigated my way across 6 lanes of road to get where I was heading to, and back safely? Perhaps there was a carnage, flaming cars, and wreckage left in my wake, … I just don’t know.

Last night, I set the iPad on YouTube and searched for a variety of ‘Meditation for Insomnia’ results. I played 3 different meditations, each one giving me about an hour of sleep in between each one. I’m sure I’ll find one that will set me to a deeper more lengthy slumber … one night … one night soon.

On a final note, anyone seen the movie, Silver Lining Playbook? I totally relate to it, it was well directed and absolutely brilliant. The girl was in ‘Hunger Games’ and I’m sure everyone knows Bradley Cooper.

Love Hurts. Click here to watch the trailer!