Validate someone today

insomnia“Lying here with my skull feeling like a sealed receptacle of angry wasps.

I have a headache, … in fact it’s nothing more than what I can ordinarily handle, but more sinister is the unwanted thoughts of despair and the loss of hope. This has been plaguing me for the past few nights, progressively getting worse affecting my beauty sleep.

I imagine that people with my condition can lie lifeless in the dark or on their own without the frequent tossing around in bed. We don’t grow frustrated with passing time as it’s inevitable, so we just lay there allowing the brain to pursue it’s flurry of activity. It’s a shame that people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotion.”

This was an excerpt written in my personal diary years ago, today I’m on top of things with a supportive network of people around me. If you are aware of someone close to you who are not really themselves, … reach out. Everyone needs to be told that they are valued, wanted, and appreciated.

Just do it.

Purely Coincidental

Just realised that my finger tips have been ‘blog oppressed’, so here I am, mustering up some thought recipe to engage whoever has a few spare moments to read anything.

This spurs me to recall one incident about a month ago when I felt a niggling object in my shoe. Thinking that it was a small pebble or a piece of leaf, I started to engage my foot in some clever toe contortions. You know the feeling, sometimes you can nudge something into an unoccupied piece of shoe real estate so it no longer annoys you.

No matter what I did though, it was all in vain.

So I removed my shoe and gave it one good super optical scan, then shook it to death. Nothing. Odd? So I put my shoe back on and continued to walk, however the tactile intrusion continued. I once again removed my shoe and shook it to no avail, nothing dropped out. I rub my socked hoof against the floor back and forward hoping to dislodge whatever it was.

Aha, there’s that feeling again, I quickly feel relief as my persistence is rewarded with the knowledge, that the thing was “in” my sock all along.


So I take my sock off and to my nauseous surprise, a blood filled leech bounces onto the floor. It is soaked in blood because I had subjected it to a pretty vigorous foot massage while it was gorging on my lower appendage. My toes were stained with blood because the vampire slug had exploded.

Due to the graphic and disturbing image of the dead leech corpse sprawled on the floor, and respect to the general leech populace I have decided to post one healthy smiley one from Google Images.

Actually, I just don’t want to encourage any revenge attack.

Any resemblance to real people, living or dead is purely coincidental.